Proposed Cat Local Law 2019

Cats are estimated to eat tens of millions of native animals each night in Australia and have been implicated in the extinction of at least 20 mammal species and sub-species, including the lesser bilby and desert bandicoot.

The City of Mandurah would like to introduce a local law to help protect some of our local wildlife.
Have your say about the Proposed Cat Local Law before 13th September.

Clean Up Banner

17 PPG members and friends helped to clean up the Coodanup Foreshore area during this year’s event, including a group of participants from Bunnings. The age range of participants was 19 to 85. They cleaned the estuary foreshore, walkways and associated areas for two hours, which makes a total of 34 volunteer hours of rubbish picked up. Thank you to all the volunteers.

Clean Up Peel Waterways Coodanup

Sea Bin Launch

It’s a first for Australia! We and our partners have acquired two sea bins for the waterways of Mandurah.
They have been installed in the Dolphin Quay Marina, and the official launch was held on 8th February.
Read more courtesy of the Mandurah Coastal Times.

For more information please read our press release and launch speech.

Point Grey
State approves time extension for Point Grey Channel

The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council has been advising and educating the Shire of Murray about the adverse environmental effects that this proposed development may have on the estuary.

Read PHCC’s submission. The financial burden that the Murray ratepayers may have to shoulder in the future is also being considered.

NEW! On 27 June 2019 the Shire of Murray refused the application. Read more here. This matter is now being reviewed by the State Administrative Tribunal.

Do you support the Point Grey development proposal? Vote yes or no here.

Dolphin Rescue

PPG is supporting the Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Team’s efforts to raise money for much-needed equipment to help stranded dolphins. If you’d like to make a donation to this worthy cause or you’d like more information please click here.

Mandurah Dolphin Rescue and partners are also raising funds to install dolphin monitoring cameras on known dolphin stranding hotspots too remote to be seen. Find out more.

Yalgorup National Park Survey

The City of Mandurah is investigating the level of community support for nominating Yalgorup National Park and the Yalgorup lakes for National Heritage listing. Yalgorup National Park is located at the southern end of Mandurah, and shares a border with the Shires of Harvey and Waroona. It is one of the most important environmental assets in the Peel region. If you are a resident within the City of Mandurah, Shire of Waroona or Shire of Harvey they would like to hear from you. Take the survey here.

Forests for Life

Logging in WA is destroying nests, food and shelter for endangered wildlife including Black Cockatoos, Numbats and Western Ringtail Possums. Over 50% of the ancient forests in the South West have already been destroyed.
Act now to urge the McGowan Government to act on its pre-election commitments to ‘immediately conserve High Conservation Value forests’ and ‘complete the transition of the timber industry to sustainably-managed plantations and farm forestry’.


Australia’s borders were closed to overseas fishing fleets more than 20 years ago after decades of devastating overfishing. But the commercial fishing industry is currently in talks with the Australian Government about allowing overseas fleets back into our waters. At the same time, the Government is trying to strip back the sanctuaries in the marine parks where these vessels might operate. Say NO to overseas fishing fleets.

PPG Membership

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