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There are many benefits that come from joining the Peel Preservation Group as a member. It connects you to a network of other individuals and organisations, who like you, care about our environment and are working hard to make a difference. You can join as an individual, or couple.

Membership with Peel Preservation Group strengthens our collective influence and helps us unify the voice of all community members who are passionate about our local environment in the Peel Region. As a member you’ll get to vote at our Annual General Meeting and help steer the strategic direction of our group, the issues we address and how we tackle them.

You can get involved as much as you like. Or you can be a financial supporter and help us achieve more by backing our local group who has a legacy in our community dating back to the 1970’s. Help us shape the future of the Peel Region as we stand up for our environment.

Sign up today!

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