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There is a development proposed at Point Grey, on the eastern side of the estuary from the Dawseville Cut.

Part of this proposal includes excavation and dredging to form a channel from Point Grey to the Cut.
PPG has not yet been able to fully evaluate the huge documents that form part of this proposal
but we are currently of the view that it should be delayed on the precautionary principal. Some of our concerns include:

  • The Peel Harvey Estuary is a Ramsar listed wetlands of international significance.  It is a sensitive environment and any major development could have significant impacts on the waterway which is already under threat.
  • There is a black ooze appearing along the shores of the estuary where it has never appeared before.
  • The amount of spoil that will be generated by building a Marina on 9.8 hectares of Point Grey soil at a depth of -3.5 meters AHD may cause problems in the estuary and to vegetation on the remainder of the Point Grey terrestrial development.
  • The fresh water lens on the terrestrial development may be compromised.

PPG is very concerned about the effect of this proposed development and are holding an information session –
The venue is Pt Bouvard Recreation Centre (30 Estuary Rd)
Date is Monday 11th April
Time 4.30 pm for 5pm start.
Several eminent scientists will speak at this session.

If you have a view on this proposal, either positive or negative, we encourage you to Click on “Leave a comment” below and tell us what you think
Alternatively you may write directly to:
Your local member. The member for Mandurah is:
David Templeman MLA
PO Box 1509 Mandurah 6210
The WA Minister for Environment:
Hon. William Marmion MLA BE, MBA
29th Floor Allendale Square
77 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Environmental Protection Authority
Locked Bag 33, Cloisters Square
Perth Western Australia 6850
If you want a copy of the Public Environmental Review
Point Grey Marina
EPA Assessment No. 1751
you can contact

38 Station Street, SUBIACO WA 6008
PO Box 465, SUBIACO WA 6904
T: 618 9211 1111
F: 618 9211 1122
Report No: L09077
Version/Date: Rev 0, March 2011

The due date for submissions on the review is April 27th