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Peel Preservation Group Inc.


Preserving Peel’s Environment Since 1976

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Peel Preservation Group Inc. Is:

  •  Committed to preserving the natural assets of the Peel-Harvey catchment, estuary and ocean;
  • Open for for everyone to contribute to the preservation of the environment;
  • Dedicated to ensuring that the natural biodiversity and integrity of life is preserved.

We live in an amazing place…

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The Peel Region is part of the South West Global Biodiversity Hotspot. The ecosystems of this beautiful area range from the Indian Ocean to the Ancient Darling Scarp. We have the largest wetland in SW of Australia and it is listed as an internationally significant Ramsar wetland with up to 45,000 birds using the waterways. The waterways are home to resident Bottlenose Dolphins and the Banksia and Tuart Woodlands are listed as critically endangered but provide habitat for an amazing diversity of life. Native Orchids, undescribed peacock spiders, the Critically Endangered Western Ringtail Possum, and the largest Microbialite reef in the Southern hemisphere are just a few of the treasures found in the region.  Unfortunately all is not well for our environment. We need to stand up for what is left as our bushland is under threat from mining and land clearing for more houses. 

We need volunteers, so please learn more about our local environment below to get informed and then contact us to get active! 


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What is happening in our local environment?

Waterways Health

The Peel Harvey Estuary and the three rivers of the Serpentine, Murray and Harvey provide food and a home for many species. Increased nutrient run off, Dams and increased human activity and waste proposing a severe threat to these waterways. We need to actively conserve and care for our waterways. 

Wildlife Preservation

Losing Habitat, means we are losing many native species. We have vulnerable, endangered and critcally endangered species that need protection. The Critcally Endangered Western Ringtail Possum is just one example of species that call the Peel home. 

Climate Change

Climate Change is the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced. We believe that as a local community there is so much we can do to be resilient to a changing climate. We have the responsibility to hold our local and state governments to account for their action to mititate Climate Change.  Get involved to find out more.

Land Clearing

90% of Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain have been infilled. We have lost up to 80% of vegetation cover on the Swan Coastal Plain. Subdivisions exist where once there were woodlands. What we have left is precious. Find out more how you can get involved.

Every little bit of help supports us in Raising Awaress and Protecting Peel’s Local Enviroment.







Our Top Priorities

Currently our Group is focusing on raising awareness about the threats to our local environment in the Peel Region from the Jarrah Forests in the East to the Land Clearing in the West. 

Land Clearing

The Vegetation in the Peel Region is unlike any other place on Earth. Yet before our eyes more and more of the native vegetation is being cleared. We need corridors of native habitat for wildlife. 


Our Jarrah Forests and the Swan Coastal Plain are being pursued for mining expansions and new mining sites. This means more and more native vegetation will be cleared. We need more sustainable options. We need to conserve what is left of our native woodlands and forests.


We need action to prevent further runaway climate change. We also need to build resiliency as a community to face what changes are coming our way.


From Possums to Numbats, to Black Cockatoos to Migratory shore birds. Learn about the different local species and what they need for protection.

Healthy Catchment

The waterways support so much life and create enjoyment for those that live near it and visit it. Our catchment is large and without a healthy catchment, we don’t have healthy waterways.

What’s New?

AGM Notice 2014

Peel Preservation Group's AGM for 2014 will be held on Friday 14th November In the Tuckey Room (Mandurah City council Buildings) at 1.30pm GUEST SPEAKER will be Patrick Pearlman from the Environment Defenders' Office. Refreshments will be provided.

AGM Summary 2013

PPG's AGM was accomplished with a unanimous acceptance of the STRATEGIC PLAN (as presented and explained by Coral Richards). David Ford, Coordinator of EcoServices at City of Mandurah, gave a very interesting talk which explained the City's new Biodiversity Strategy....

Point Grey Update

Peel Preservation Group has written to the new federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt outlining our concerns for the proposed Marina and cross estuary channel sought for this development. We had a response from him recognising that this is a sensitive issue (too...

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