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American slang interprets the term ‘bag it’ as to ‘get rid of’ and this was the emphasis of the movie of the same name ; reasons why we should get rid of much of the plastic in our lives, especially thin single-use or disposable plastic bags.

Plastic bottles, bags and fragments were a particular problem in the world’s oceans, just endlessly being transported in a circular pattern by the tides in certain areas. This rubbish is present in such vast amounts and can so closely resemble ‘food’ that marine creatures and birds eat it frequently with fatal results.

We are challenged to consider working towards making Mandurah a thin plastic bag free city. Some  even suggest we go a step further and include plastic bottled water in our ban. Several cities in Australia as well as overseas have achieved this goal; the consensus is that we should also aim do so.

What do you think? Let us know if you agree.