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PPG is run by a committee of volunteers who reside in the Peel Region of Western Australia.

Email us at

Phone us on 0493 515 763

Office Hours: Tuesdays 9am–12 noon only | Please leave a message at other times

Office Address: Lakelands Community House, 20 Dalona Pkwy, Lakelands, WA 6180

Postal Address: 16 Maria Pl. Dudley Park WA 6210

Join Us

Become a PPG member and do your bit to help preserve our local environment.

Email us to join as a member:

Our next AGM 2023 is due in October 2024

 Our Committee

We held our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 5th October 2023 and elected a new committee:

PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Way VICE PRESIDENT & Event Assistant: Les Hodgson
SECRETARY · Debbie Fleay TREASURER  ·  Deb Hay
 WEBMASTER  · Jamie Van Jones

EDUCATION & FACEBOOK · Barbara Sing                               

 General Committee Members: 

Robyn Devenish, Sebastian Jones, Andrew Horan 


Thank you to our previous committee members who remain our friends and advisors:

Annual Report for 2022 – Click here to view

Our Activities

Our focus in is education. Our activities include:

  • Partnering with like-minded organisations at local events to educate and inspire.
  • Presenting events and activities during Plastic Free July to encourage people to refuse single-use plastic.
  • Partnering with like-minded organisations at local activities such as cleanups, bird counts, wildflower walks and tree planting.
  • Submitting our comments to Government at local, state and federal level to promote sustainable practices.
  • Supporting the Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Volunteers (read their Annual Report Here) with their fundraising efforts.

More about us

PPG is an incorporated association and a registered charity.

Our ABN is 59 315 206 816. Please visit us on Facebook.

Thank you to our sponsors for funding our activities: